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7 Ladies in Lace Thatll Heat up Your Games

Added: 06.04.2018 1:34 | 23 views | 0 comments

All kinds of fashion choices can be intimidating in games. Even lace can be a power play when worn by the right woman! Here are seven who know how to rock their signature looks.

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10 Games from 90s to Early 2000s Thatll Take You On A Nostalgic Roller Coaster

Added: 25.02.2018 22:34 | 21 views | 0 comments

Ali Amjad takes us on a video game trip down memory lane, looking at 10 classic games from the 90s to early 2000s.


Go bowling with the first TEKKEN 7 DLC now available on Xbox One

Added: 31.08.2017 19:38 | 18 views | 0 comments

James writes - "Sometimes beating the proverbial stuffing out of an opponent in the fighting arena isnt satisfying enough. Well, now you can dabble in a spot of bowling in TEKKEN 7 with the first downloadable content pack and show who the boss of the bowling alley is. Thatll teach them not to mess with you."

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4 Trends Thatll Follow The Release Of Scorpio

Added: 12.04.2017 7:35 | 25 views | 0 comments

Microsoft finally etched the Scorpio specs in stone by launching a webpage with the official specifications on 6th April. Not long after the announcement and before a day had gone by, there were quite a few articles either over-hyping the console or predicting doom for the Scorpio. As a mid gen upgraded console gears up for release, here are the 4 kinds of articles you will find the internet flooded with for the next few months both before and after Scorpio's launch.


5 Westerns Thatll Get You Pumped for RDR2

Added: 28.02.2017 9:35 | 24 views | 0 comments opines on the 5 Western films that it thinks will pump gamers up the most for Red Dead Redemption 2.


Chime Sharp Review | TheXboxHub

Added: 24.02.2017 15:36 | 30 views | 0 comments

Neil writes "I really have no issues with the easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay model. What I do find rather annoying are those which are hard to learn, and even harder to master. Especially when the thing you're trying your best to understand gives you no hints or tips, refuses to hold your hand and is happy to spit you out at the very first opportunity. Thatll be Chime Sharp then."


25 PlayStation Games Thatll Last You the Whole Summer Drought

Added: 25.06.2016 17:41 | 30 views | 0 comments

With the summer drought on the horizon here are 25 games you can play on your PlayStation 4 to help pass the time.


15 Xbox One Games Thatll Last You the Whole Summer Drought

Added: 23.06.2016 23:39 | 33 views | 0 comments

With the Summer Drought beginning, here are 15 games to help the time fly on your Xbox One.


10 Unpopular Opinions Thatll Make Gamers Rage

Added: 07.06.2016 2:39 | 34 views | 0 comments

WC - Come take a seat on either side of the electrified fence.

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14 Game Memorabilia Thatll Make You Drool

Added: 02.04.2016 13:37 | 25 views | 0 comments

When playing the just isn't enough!

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